Springfield Road Landfill Transfer Station

County of Henrico, Virginia Project No. 06392

Project Description

This project consists of construction of a 21,220sf (pre-engineered metal building) transfer station, trailer storage lot, and new site entrance with associated grading, 3,930sy heavy duty paving, 1,553sy 8” concrete paving, drainage, utility, and site features and all other work as required by the contract as required by the contract documents in order to provide a complete system as described.

New drainage system consisted of installation of 15”-30” RCP, poured in place storm inlets, EC-2 lined structures, rip rap lined ditches, gabion basket diversion structures, slope drains and a 50’ level spreader.

Project Details

Contract Value: $2,255,000.00

Contract Type:  Design-bid build

Completion Date: February 2014

  • Job Completion 100% 100%

Additional Project Information


Key Personnel

Project Manager: Bradley Butler

Superintendent: Richard Elliot


Work Performed by Southwood

Site work: 36%

Cast-in-place concrete: 16%

Project and construction management services: 4.6%

Pre-engineered metal building:13%

Major Subcontractors/Suppliers: Branscome Richmond, Louis Smith Construction, Rockingham Steel, Elco Concrete, Vulcan Materials Company, Hermitage Steel, TKS Contracting, Security Scale Service, Ferguson Waterworks and Commonwealth Engineering & Sales.



County of Henrico, Virginia

1590 E. Parham Road/P O Box 90775

Henrico, Virginia 23237-0075



Draper Aden Associates

8090 Villa Park Drive

Richmond, VA 23228