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Current Projects

Dillwyn Wastewater Treatment Plant-Town of Dillwyn Contract Amount -$7,290,947

Caroline High School-Caroline County Contract Amount-$17,643,101

Korah 3 AFD Replacement-City of Richmond
Contract Amount-$1,584,800

Ni River WTP Upgrades Phase 1A-Spotsylvania County
Contract Amount-$11,763,360

Chesterfield Fire Training Tower-Chesterfield County
Contract Amount-$3,574,011

Kanawha Plaza Phase 2-City of Richmond
Contract Amount-$2,885,851

City Lock River Crossing Inlet and Junction Chamber-City of Richmond
Contract Amount-$1,117,800

Keysville WTP-Town of Keysville
Contract Amount-$675,700

Colonial Beach Elementary School-Colonial Beach Public School
Contract Amount-$7,161,500

Doswell WWTP Clarifier Rehab-Hanover County
Contract Amount-$254,365

Completed Projects

Watershed Level Pond/$1,286,630/May 2016
Proctors Creek Fine Screen/$2,436,713/July 2016
Lehigh Cement Distribution Terminal/$6,365,681/December 2015
Emporia WTP/$9,560,330/July 2016
Wilcox WWTP Filter Rehab/$444,267/December 2015
Woodstream Trail to Smith Lake Park/$557,914/January 2016
Old Route 3 Sewage Pump Station/$1,188,801/January 2016
Fort Belvoir Water Main Improvements/$465,711/May 2015
Hangar Site and Buildings/$932,039/April 2016
Alderman Road PS/$405,400/June 2015
Midnight Brewery/$422,078/July 2014
Motts Run WTP Hypochlorite System/$1,344,184/January 2016
AWG Fire Flow Improvements/$564,529/October 2014
Wilcox EQ Basin Upgrade/$885,489/October 2014
Richmond County High and Elementary School/$14,400,000/October 2014
Pender Camp Vertical Screen/$129,500/April 2014
Wilcox WWTP Phase 3/$435,941/December 2013
Motts Run High Service Pump Station/$454,783/February 2014
Richmond WTP Berm Repairs/$584,050/October 2014
VA State Police Target Range/$8,010,133/November 2015
Springfield Road Landfill Transfer Station/$2,255,000/August 2014
Nutrient Reduction Program #4/$
West Area Elementary School/$12,975,042/September 2014
Ashland Park WW Pump Station/$461,840/July 2013
Shockoe Sanitary Pump Station/$1,718,000/November 2013
Louisa Water Distribution System Improvements/$154,438/June 2013
Church Hill Pumping Station/$1,575,000/December 2013
Neabsco Lift Station Replacement/$11,038,075/December 2015
Smith Lake Park Parking Expansion/$488,000/April 2014
Addison Evans WTP/$681,510/October 2014
Fox Chapel Pone/$155,874/July 2013
King George Sheriff’s Office/$7,438,450/June 2012
Multi-Use Fields at Taylor’s Complex/$427,553/July 2012
Massaponax WWTP ENR Upgrade and Expansion/$11,480,277/October 2012
Grassy Swamp Wastewater Pump Station/$1,730,000/December 2012
Smurfit Stone Force Main Rehab/$1,206,635/July 2011
Dumbarton Elementary School Addition/$2,720,575/August 2011
Mathew Transmission Force Main and Pump Stations/$4,255,580/February 2011
Middle Chickahominy River Sewage Improvements/$2,019,000/May 2011
Elmont Water line/$171,700/July 2012
King William Treatment Plant/$618,440/May 2012
Pender Camp Force Main/$1,766,818/November 2011
NRP Contract #3-Sedimentation Tank Scum/$6,210,194/June 2011
Crump Creek Wastewater Pumping Station/$175,000/June 2011
Proctors Creek WWTP/$8,227,909/June 2012
Hopewell High School Geothermal Wells/$2,112,000/January 2012
Holman Middle School/$23,253,150/June 2010
Proctors Creek WWTP/$5,965,577/October 2009
Varina High School Fitness Building and Field House Renovations/$1,574,947/September 2008
Shelton Pointe Pump Station/$2,750,000/August 2009
New North Elementary School/$15,938,802/August 2009
Jeb Stuart Elementary School/$3,440,000/September 2008
Dominion Power WTP/$7,447,682/March 2009
Strawberry Hill Sewage Pumping Station/$1,212,920/January 2009
Tyson Foods WTP Upgrade/$986,583/June 2008
Water Reclamation Facility/$2,533,190/September 2008
Essex Intermediate School Renovations and Additions/$10,511,282/September 2008
Chesdin West Pumping Station/$6,393,085/June 2008
Matoaca Park-Parking, Roadway, and Athletic Improvements/$536,400/2008
Doswell FPL Facility/$331,000/November 2007
Deep Run High School Athletic Facility/$976,500/August 2008
Four Mile Creek Pumping Station/$4,248,510/December 2007
Northwest Elementary School #8/$12,203,056/June 2007
James River Correctional Center WTP/$8,245,393/February 2006
Bailey Bridge Pump Station/$9,052,667/December 2006
The federal Club/$1,793,205/August 2007
Renovations and Additions to Central Material Laboratory/$4,563,647/December 2006
Beaumont Juvenile Correctional Center/$3,352,841/July 2006
Hopyard Farms WWTP/$3,850,723/July 2006
Eastern Goochland Pump Station/$1,985,000/April 2006
Lake Anna State Park/$3,149,270/April 2006
Hopyard Farms Water Supply Facilities/$2,506,684/January 2006
Tuckahoe Area Library/$8,838,777/July 2006
Dahlgren WWTP/$5,219,009/March 2006
Centerville Water Pumping Station/$1,380,000/September 2005
Goochland County Administrative Offices/$4,659,467/March 2005
VCU Classroom Renovations and Fire Safety Improvements/$1,248,041/December 2005
Richmond WWTP Improvements/$2,128,172/July 2005
Hungry Creek Middle School/$14,028,720/August 2004
UVA Aquatic and Fitness Center Chiller Plant/$1,137,533/April 2005
Mayfield Pump Station/$699,063/February 2005
Willow Lawn Pump Station/$787,130/February 2005
Broadwater Creek WWTP/$6,813,213/February 2005
Prospect Heights Middle School/$9,641,647/June 2004
Totopotomoy WWTP Contract No. 2/$21,849,939/November 2004
King William County High School/$9,808,830/January 2004
Dutoy Creek WWTP/$3,661,105/February 2003
UVA East Precinct Chiller Plant and Associated Utilities/$2,025,000/February 2001
J.A. Chalkley Elementary School/$4,529,938/August 2003
King William Primary School/$7,498,425/December 2002
Chester Middle School/$8,494,669/December 2002
Tappahannock WWTP/$3,774,078/October 2001
Patrick Copeland Elementary School/$8,548,617/December 2000
Addition and Renovations to Gandy Elementary School/$2,727,500/September 1999
Vernon Johns Middle School/$7,168,903/July 2000
Meadowville Wastewater Pump Station/$5,802,693/June 2000
Northwest Elementary School No. 2/$6,614,027/December 1996
Springfield Road Landfill Closure/$3,513,684/March 1997
New Middle School and Athletic Complex/$13,558,782/June 1997
Northumberland Elementary School/$5,998,192/February 1996
Third Police Precinct/$2,850,000/July 1995
Schuykill Landfill Closure/$1,099,826/November 1994
Special Warfare Facility/$2,896,080/March 1995
East Fairfield Elementary School/$5,501,802/December 1994
Stuarts Draft WWTP Expansion/$2,043,000/August 1994
Bear Island Paper Company Recycle Facility/$1,631,000/August 1993
Renovation of Fine Arts Complex Mary Washington College/$4,340,000/August 1994
Final Closure of Fort A.P. hill Landfill/$1,200,000/March 1993
Nutrient Removal and Solids Handling System/$2,794,392/February 1994
Alberta F. Smith Elementary School/$4,104,100/August 1993
Shower/Latrine Building Fort A.P. Hill/$5,595,691/July 1993
Cofer Road Pumping Station/$2,378,350/July 1993
I-95 Rest Area/$3,186,902/June 1993
Barracks Complex Fort Lee/$4,781,491/July 1993
Pumping Station James River Basin/$7,990,202/September 1993
Town of Ashland WWTP/$6,181,350/April 1992

Southwood understood that this was a tremendous undertaking to us. We put our faith in Southwood Building Systems and we couldn't be happier with the results.
Terry Godbolt
Owner, Ed's Marine Superstore